Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Darlie All Shiny White

Imagine my joy when I found out I was the Grand Prize Winner of the Darlie All Shiny White Contest on Facebook :D... I jumped, I laughed, I hugged my hubby... Hahaha... All those silly things an excited person would do. My second time joining a contest, and I won!!! Woohoo....

A simple prize giving ceremony was held  on 9 November 2012, at the Hawley & Hazel office in Wisma Kemajuan. Although I went, unaware of the ceremony, I was glad I was not too dressed down that day :p... The ceremony started with a short speech and introduction to the 3 major range of Darlie toothpaste, followed by prize giving and snacking :)

As I did not have my camera with me, I had to borrow this picture from Nana's blog. Thanks for the picture, Nana!!!
photo taken from Nana's blog

It was nice to be able to meet and chat with all the friendly winners.

This is my diamond with the certificate from GIA.

A goodie bag too...

The winners!!!

Thanks, Darlie :D


  1. bling bling..
    dah buat cincin ke?hehehe

    1. Haha... tak lah... masih simpan lagi..
      akan buat pendant kot... you punye? :)

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