Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Darlie All Shiny White

Imagine my joy when I found out I was the Grand Prize Winner of the Darlie All Shiny White Contest on Facebook :D... I jumped, I laughed, I hugged my hubby... Hahaha... All those silly things an excited person would do. My second time joining a contest, and I won!!! Woohoo....

A simple prize giving ceremony was held  on 9 November 2012, at the Hawley & Hazel office in Wisma Kemajuan. Although I went, unaware of the ceremony, I was glad I was not too dressed down that day :p... The ceremony started with a short speech and introduction to the 3 major range of Darlie toothpaste, followed by prize giving and snacking :)

As I did not have my camera with me, I had to borrow this picture from Nana's blog. Thanks for the picture, Nana!!!
photo taken from Nana's blog

It was nice to be able to meet and chat with all the friendly winners.

This is my diamond with the certificate from GIA.

A goodie bag too...

The winners!!!

Thanks, Darlie :D

Food: Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh

"Bak Kut Teh", the famous Malaysian dish is literally translated as Pork Rib Tea. However, not as the name suggest, the ingredient in this recipe does not even contain tea. From my understanding based on a blog I read, it all started around 70 years ago, when Mr Lee Boon Teh, a medical sinsei from Klang created this dish. As a part-time pork rib (bak kut) seller, he was conveniently referred to by many as "Bak Kut-Teh". The pronunciation of the Chinese character "Teh" in Hokkien dialect is the same as "tea". Thus, the name... ;)

I am usually lazy to travel all the way to Klang to get my Bak Kut Teh fix... So, we were glad when we found Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh Restaurant in Subang Jaya.

I particularly love the herbal base soup of the wet Bak Kut Teh served here. It has the right balance of chinese herbs... and... oh, the pleasant aroma...

Additional golden mushroom to this pot of goodness is a must!!!

The sour and spicy vegetable dish is mediocre. Not as sour as I expected it to be and a bit too sweet for my liking.

"Youtiao" or fried bread stick, goes well with the herbal soup.

Some green lettuce to make this a less sinful meal... :p

Business Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 8am-11pm
Closed on Monday except Public Holidays.

Location: 54A, Jalan SS14/2, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Monday, 19 November 2012

Travel: Klang Day Trip

My uni mates and I spent a day at Klang on the weekend that has just passed. Thanks to Chia Yin, who had carefully planned out the whole day's event, we had fun despite the rain.

I am proud I survived the day! :p... Klang has never occur to me as a holiday destination. The only thing I know people do there is to have a "Bak Kut Teh" meal... So, this trip was an eye opener to me. Let me start off with the pic of me at various places in Klang :D...

We reached Chia Yin's house in Klang at around 8am and made our way to Chong Kok Kopitiam for breakfast. This place is famous among the locals and it was packed when we arrived. Thankfully after waiting for about 10 minutes, we managed to get a table.

After breakfast, we walked towards the nearby Pre-War Shoplots for some photo taking.

Our first picture together in Klang :p...

Found a nice wall and actually spent a long time there watching Wan Sin and Jenni take pictures :p... Of course we took a few group pictures too...

In between we also passed the Raja Mahadi Fort, Kota Bridge, Little India, Klang Convent School, Kuan Yin Temple, and a few other places but as it was raining we just looked from inside the car. 

We then spent an hour plus at The Royal Gallery (Galeri Diraja Sultan Abdul Aziz). This gallery is well-maintained and has surprisingly a wide range of personal collections of artifacts and gifts.

Walking on the streets on Klang, hubby took some nice pictures which I think is worth sharing :)
Gangnam Style made it to money loaner's banner too!

Seafood for lunch at Perlama Seafood Restaurant.

All the happy faces when food is near...

When you can't reach for the food, you stand up... :p

This is a view from the seafood restaurant. 

As the rain stopped, we decided to take a boat to Bagan Hailam at the price of RM1 per person/way.

It wasn't the best decision for Jenni (the girl next to me in the picture below) as she had one of her foot in the mud when trying to get onto the boat :p... 

View from the front seat of the boat.

Before we got on land, Adam took a picture of us.

It was quite saddening though to be greeted by the sight of rubbish accumulating almost everywhere.

Some pictures of the place.

This is a school.

Found a little shop that serves drinks and snacks. The biggest mistake made here was ordering barley served in Carlsberg bottles which was weird tasting.

The way the biscuits are sold here brought back some childhood memories.

Despite the small area, a few temples were sighted.  We took some group pictures again before taking a boat back.

More food before dinner. We visited the Yao Yao Ping shop for some fried chicken, ayam percik and yao yao ping.

We had bak kut teh for dinner and then supper before calling it a day.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Travel: Pulau Aman

In an adventurous mode, bro-in-law decided we should have Mee Udang (Prawn Noodle) at Pulau Aman for lunch one weekend when we were back in Penang. Excited over his description on the size of the prawns and freshness of seafood there, we embarked on our journey.

Pulau Aman which means "island of peace" is located south of Penang island. In order to get there, we drove to Batu Musang Jetty located at the mainland. From there, we bought the return boat ticket at RM6 per person and hopped on the boat...

Halfway, the boatman spotted dolphins and stopped the boat for us to watch :)... We were very excited to see these playful marine mammals swim close to the surface nearby our boat.

See the fin!!!

After about 10 minutes, Restoran Terapung Pulau Aman was at sight.

This famous floating restaurant is the biggest and arguably the most popular eatery here. While its menu is limited, the food will keep one coming back for more. Bro-in-law can definitely testify to this :)...

After we got on land, we walked right towards the restaurant. At the jetty beside the restaurant, there were fishermen bringing in live catches. Bro-in-law bought some mantis prawns and prawns.

One of my favorite seafood!!! Mantis prawn :D

We then sent the fresh seafood to the kitchen of the restaurant for steaming. Look at the size of these mantis prawns!!! It takes a certain skill to remove the shell but I assure you the pay-off is well worth the effort.

Steamed prawns...

The menu consists of 3 types of noodles namely mee (yellow noodle), bihun (rice vermicelli) and koay teow (rice-cake strips). The noodle is either served with kuah (gravy) or goreng (fried). Per plate the price is RM6. However, in the menu, there is an option of "special". The difference is just additional prawns at the price of RM10 per plate. There is also fried rice with prawns.

Bihun Udang Kuah Biasa...

Mee Goreng Udang...

A family picture before we take the boat back... Thanks for the wonderful meal :)...

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Travel: An artsy side of Penang

Recently, our beloved Penang state has become the center of many's attention. Most are drawn to the street arts by Ernest Zacharevic, a project funded by George Town Festival. These series of interactive murals have become a strong catalyst in transforming our Penang streets into a more vibrant place. It gives people another reason to visit Penang besides the food! We can now see more local tourists out on the streets than just Gurney drive :)

As Penangites, hubby and I too decided to discover the beauty of the wall paintings and beyond on one of our trip home.

Let's start with the street arts by Ernest Zacharevic at Ah Quee Street, Georgetown. This was our favorite picture of the day :)

Another one of Adam, parents, and the boy on the motorbike... :)

Next to it, is the mural of a boy pulling a dinosaur.. Dad watched over the boy while Adam feed the dino with oranges... :p

We spotted a sad-looking dino at the other end and I had to "kiss" the poor thing. I think this was not painted by Ernest Zacharevic... but it's still cute :)...

Just as I turned the corner, I spotted another mural. Not sure who painted it though...

Couldn't resist taking a picture with this ancient-looking yet well-maintained Volvo parked by the road side... :p

We then proceeded to Cannon Street in search of another one of Ernest Zacharevic's work of art. Adam checked out the hole on the wall the little kid was trying to reach.

Me and the famous wall at Armenian Street.

This other painting on Armenian Street was actually the first painting I spotted back in July 2011 and thought it was amazing :) Comparing the pictures I took then and now, I can totally see the effects of our Malaysian weather on it.

Besides the interesting wall paintings, we also took pictures of anything and everything that got our attention. Here is a picture of Adam resting next to a window...

The entrance of Peranakan Mansion.

I spent some time in the decorative telephone booth at the Peranakan Mansion making phone call with my mobile phone.

The car and the wall worked so well together in making this a beautiful picture :)

Bicycle lane...

Even the bicycle shops are becoming more creative in their shop decoration.

Acheen Street Mosque in view...

Bottles by the road side...

A grocery store...

A souvenir shop...

Stapled wall...

Letter box.

I just have to share this notice we saw! It took us a while to work out the intended words which were spelled wrongly.
Vegetalian = Vegetarian
LAboar Workers = Labour Workers...
erm... though the last two words are not meant to be put together like this... :p

Lastly, a picture of Komtar, an icon of Penang.

I guess beauty is everywhere. We just have to open our eyes and see :)
Have a beautiful day.