Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I Cook: Egg Tart

Yesterday, I spent the whole day with a good friend, Wan Lin, baking egg tarts!!! It took us the whole day to bake as we spent half of the time chatting and watching tv :p...

The idea of baking egg tart started with Wan Lin not knowing what to do with her remaining annual leaves :p... So, we decided to spend a day baking egg tart using a recipe she found some time ago. We, of course improvised a little ;)...

The result of our hard work :D...


Wan Lin, posing for some pictures...

The ingredients listed here yields about 18 egg tarts :)... Have fun baking...

For egg custard:
- Castor sugar (60g)
- Full Cream Milk (200ml)
- 3 NutriPlus Eggs (whisked)

1. Mix 60g of castor sugar and 200ml of full cream milk in a pot.
2. Heat up the mixture in a low temperature until the sugar is melted.
3. Pour in the 3 whisked eggs into the mixture. Mix well.
4. Sift mixture to get rid of any foam

For pastry:
- Butter (150g)
- Icing Sugar (25g)
- Flour (250g)
- 1 NutriPlus Egg (whisked)

1. Sift 250g of flour in a bowl.
2. Add 150g of butter, 25g of icing sugar and 1 whisked egg gradually until well mixed.
3. Knead into a dough. I just have to include the picture of my "Halloween" dough... :p

4. Refrigerate dough for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
5. Roll out dough to about 1.5cm thick.
6. Cut dough with tart tin and gently press the dough into baking tray.

1. Pre-heat oven at 170 degree Celcius for 10 minutes.
2. Bake for 20-25minutes

Sunday, 28 October 2012

I Cook: Pau

I woke up one day and decided to make pau.... :S no idea why the sudden urge to do that but I followed through.

So, I went out, did my grocery shopping to get all the required ingredients, had lunch, came home and started making pau... for the very first time in my life :p... I decided to have "ju hu char" as the filling but I did not manage to get "ju hu" (cuttlefish)... so I made "bangkuang char" instead :p...

A lot of time was spent on preparing the ingredients. I cooked the pau filling and then let it cool before I working on the dough.

To my surprise, the pau turned out fine!!! I was so relieved :) ... Happy with the result, I called all my family members to announce the success... even sent them MMS of the pau :p... Hehehe... I then passed some of the pau to my friends for tasting and they had been kind enough to give me some positive feedback.

For pau dough:
- Blue Key Pau Dough (500g)
- Instant Yeast (6g)
- Sugar (100g)
- Butter/Corn Oil (50g)
- Lukewarm Water (250ml)
- A pinch of salt
- Grease proof paper cut into squares

1. Add 6g of yeast and 50g of sugar to 100ml of lukewarm water. Let the mixture set for 45 minutes.
2. Add the remaining 50g of sugar and 150ml of lukewarm water with a pinch of salt to the mixture.
3. Place 500g of flour into a big bowl. Pour the mixture into the bowl in batches. Add butter.
4. Knead for about 25 minutes.
5. Cover the bowl with a damp cloth and let the dough rise for 15 minutes.
6. Knead again, this time gently until the dough is smooth.
7. Divide the dough into balls of around 2 inches in diameter.
8. Roll out the balls into thin circles. Wrap the pau will filling and place the pau in a sheet of grease proof paper.
9. Steam pau for 10 minutes. Make sure water from the cover does not drip on the pau when opening.
10. Place pau on a piece of cloth to absorb the excess moisture.

For bangkuang char:
- Cooking Oil
- Chicken Thigh/ Pork Belly
- 6 cloves of garlic
- 500g of bangkuang (yam bean)
- 1 shallot
- 10 shitake mushroom
- 1 tablespoon of salt
- 2 tablespoon of sugar
- 2 tablespoon of pepper

1. Peel the skin of yam bean and carrot. The grate them into thin strips.
2. Slice the mushrooms into thin strips.
3. Steam the chicken thigh until cooked. Keep the stock for later use.
4. Shred the chicken and put aside.
5. Heat the wok and saute garlic and shallots until aromatic. Add in chicken and mushrooms and continue to stir fry.
5. Add in the grated yam bean and carrot with the chicken stock. Stir fry fro another 10 minutes or so until the everything is well mixed and soft.
6. Add salt, sugar and pepper to taste.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Picture Perfect 2: Casual Attire

We brought along our own props and a set of casual attire to Avillion Port Dickson for some photos... Imagine my relieve when I could finally get out of the wedding gown and move around freeeeeeeely at the beach resort... Hehehe...

Here are two pictures of us with our favorite props :D... Our A <3 C blocks and the balloons from our registration of marriage which survived for 4 days!!!... weeeee.....
photo taken by Mphotoo

photo taken by Mphotoo

Hubby putting his muscular arms to good use!... Result... a dizzy wifey...
photo taken by Mphotoo

My phone's current lock screen wallpaper...
photo taken by Mphotoo

I love this picture... made me feel so loved :)...
photo taken by Mphotoo

Of course, I got him down on his knee again... but poor thing was complaining how painful his knee was...suck it up, hubby!!! I still think it was worth it for this beautiful shot :p...
photo taken by Mphotoo

I have to admit I like how long my legs look in this picture...
photo taken by Mphotoo

I think hubby really look good here... :) I was just happy to be next to him... will always be...
photo taken by Mphotoo

There's a reason why the balloons were always on my hands. I was using them as shield from the sun's rays...
photo taken by Mphotoo

Love Tumasek Beach...
photo taken by Mphotoo

Looking out from AviSpa...
photo taken by Mphotoo

The last two pictures are dedicated to the wonderful friends who gave us this lovely plush as our wedding gift (and requested for it to be featured :p)... Hehehe... Thanks guys :)
photo taken by Mphotoo

photo taken by Mphotoo

Looking at all the pictures never fail to put a smile on my face.... :)

Monday, 22 October 2012

Picture Perfect 2: Water Chalet

We are finally at my last post of my per-wedding pictures (in wedding gown) from Picture Perfect 2 at Avillion Resort Port Dickson. I enjoyed the time spent on writing about the journey from winning the contest until getting the pictures.

Let me start off with this picture at the balcony of the water chalet which Adam and myself were allowed to kiss for the first time during the whole period of the photoshoot... You can see from the expressions on our faces, we were really looking forward to it :p
photo taken by Mphotoo

This was actually our first dance after we signed the papers... Just love the effect of the sun on me, bringing the dance to life...
photo taken by Mphotoo

We might look relaxed in this picture, but in reality... I was standing next to some sun-dried pigeon droppings and it was really bothering me... :p
photo taken by Mphotoo

Loving the effect in the picture but not the heat on our bodies...
photo taken by Mphotoo

Me and the long tulle veil...
photo taken by Mphotoo

Love the blue sky...
photo taken by Mphotoo

Mirror on the wardrobe...
photo taken by Mphotoo

This is a GIF animation I made with pictures of Adam and me playing our thumb game... Our usual activity when we are bored... Thanks, Calvin for capturing them in pictures...

This experience has changed my perception on pre-wedding photography. I used to think that it was unnecessary and that the pictures taken on the actual wedding day was all that matters. However, after experiencing this 2-day photography session with a great team and looking at the pictures, I began to appreciate the whole process. Adam and I have a strong affinity to the sea and being able to have pictures of him and myself in a wedding gown taken at a beach resort was really rewarding. We simply had lots of fun being around each other the whole time. The difference was, a team was there to capture all the beautiful moments. I am sure we will treasure these pictures and the memories for a long long time...

Once again, a big thank you to the Picture Perfect 2 Team for this beautiful memory... Not forgetting all family and friends for the support when we joined the contest. Your tags and likes on our entry is deeply appreciated.

Next, I will post some pictures with casual attire...

Friday, 19 October 2012

Picture Perfect 2: Tumasek Beach

Some artistic photographs were taken at Tumasek Beach.

Notice the cross on the left :)...
photo taken by Mphotoo

Both Adam and myself were sweating under the hot sun and it was glaring... so were squinting most of the time...
photo taken by Mphotoo

Run away.............................................
photo taken by Mphotoo

Compared to the session at Riau Beach, this one is much more relaxing...
photo taken by Mphotoo

We just hugged and danced and blissfully smiled at each other enjoying the moments....
photo taken by Mphotoo

We wrapped up the session with photos taken at the stairs. This absolutely stunning picture can also be found on the Weddings Malaysia site :)... The price of a total of around 12 sand fly bites were totally worth it :p...
photo taken by Mphotoo

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Picture Perfect 2: Riau Beach

The session at Riau Beach was quite exhausting... try running around at a beach in a wedding gown and you'll understand what I mean...
photo taken by Mphotoo

photo taken by Mphotoo

photo taken by Mphotoo

Then again... I think Adam had it worse cause he didn't just ran with me, he had to carry me piggyback... :p
photo taken by Mphotoo

Whee... enjoying my ride...
photo taken by Mphotoo

Hubby introduced me to GIFPAL recently. So, I used three pictures taken at the same spot at Riau Beach to make a GIF animation...

Ooo... It's making me dizzy now...

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Picture Perfect 2: Lookout Point & Restaurant

There are a few lookout points with beautiful views of the resort... So, we had a few shots taken here on the first day...
photo taken by Mphotoo

photo taken by Mphotoo

Another favorite location is the Restaurant that is set in a contemporary timber and rattan finish.

This is definitely my favorite picture of Adam and me looking like a gangster as his backdrop...

Us taking a picture with our toy camera when we were asked to rest :p...
photo taken by Mphotoo

...the picture developed from our camera :)...

Me and my man :D...
photo taken by Mphotoo

A white peafowl perched on top of a bar stool... ;)
photo taken by Mphotoo

Monday, 15 October 2012

Picture Perfect 2: Poolside & Garden

It's raining outside and I am missing my staycation over the weekend... Missing all the good hawker food in Penang... Looking at the pictures we took of the food is making me hungry. My home cooked mee suah soup for lunch is way below par and the gloomy weather is not helping..

Ohhhh... Snap it!!! Need to get back to reality of life in Petaling Jaya...

Besides our little quest for good food around Penang, we did spent some time with Adam's family. Of course, the Avillion Picture Perfect 2 pictures were the topic of discussion :p... So, I am going to post some pictures taken by the poolside and garden today with a short story depicting, "Knowing Your Audience"...

When we showed family members (usually the older generations) pictures like these...
photos taken by Mphotoo

...the responses were always good because our faces and expressions were very visible in the pictures.

However, when we show them pictures like this...
photo taken by Mphotoo

...almost most of the time, the crowd was just silent... Hahahaha.... Or in this case, we just discussed about the ampersand block we brought along as prop...

Perhaps it is because of the poorer eyesight associated with older people or the fact that they really just want to look at our happy faces in the photos :), we concluded that most of the time, portrait photography is more appealing to them... Hehe...So, thankfully we had a combination of "make the family happy" pictures and "artistic photography" to please everyone... :)...

Here are some "make the family happy" pictures by the poolside and garden... :)
photo taken by Mphotoo

photo taken by Mphotoo

photo taken by Mphotoo

photo taken by Mphotoo

photo taken by Mphotoo

photo taken by Mphotoo

photo taken by Mphotoo

I will be posting the pictures taken at lookout points and restaurant next... stay tuned...