Friday, 28 September 2012

Food: Foon Lock Restaurant, Kampung Bukit Tinggi

We discovered Foon Lock Restaurant, on our trip to Janda Baik and have revisited this restaurants a number of times after that. This is the place we go to for good Chinese food with reasonable price. The variety and quality of food served is the reason for our frequent return.

Crispy Pork is my favorite... The thick sweet sauce covering the thin crispy pork is a great combination and makes an appetizing dish.

Stir-fried Water Crest with garlic...

"Sei Tai Tin Wong" which actually comprises of four types of vegetables is a spicy dish.

If you love ginger, then this is the dish for you. Rice Vermicelli with Chicken.

Assam Prawns cooked with their home-made assam sauce has a balanced combination of sour, spicy, sweet and salty taste.

Homemade tofu... I do not really like it as it has a strong smell of spring onion.

Kamheong La la is just... normal.

I do not recommend the fried brinjals though...

Passion fruit drink is a must try :) I find it a little hard to drink though as the amount of seeds are just a little too overwhelming for me.

Location: 84, Kampung Bukit Tinggi, 28750 Bentong, Pahang

Monday, 24 September 2012

Travel: Hutan Lipur Konifer, Janda Baik

A while after passing the entrance gate of Janda Baik, we came across Hutan Lipur Konifer.

So, we decided to check out this recreational nature park.

Of course, took pictures with a few idiotic poses before we really check out the place...

The park, as the name suggests, has a lot of conifer trees which are planted on the hill slope. No entrance fee is needed.

Nothing much other than conifer trees and a few huts. So, we took more silly pictures before proceeding on our journey...

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Travel: Suria Hill Country House, Janda Baik

I got to know of Suria Hill Country House, Janda Baik from one of Groupon's deal. As I was looking forward to a relaxing holiday nearby Petaling Jaya, I decided an hour and twenty minutes' drive to Janda Baik was not a bad choice.

So, I got my voucher, made my reservation and set off with Adam on a weekend. Driving pass the rain forest with the car window down was a refreshing feeling. We even saw goat, sheep, buffalo, and cow along the way. Heading upwards until almost at the end, we finally found Suria Hill Country House.

The building has a Malay Kampung architecture style infused with some modern touches.

After performing the check-in procedure, we went to look for our room. Well, we did get lost but found it eventually. Upon opening the door, I smelled ... wood... The room was well-maintained and the bed frame was my favorite thing in the room.

The receptionist told us to spend time at the river which was accessible from the back gate. On our way, we found swings!!! Like little kids, we charged towards the swings tied to a big tree and swayed away...

We then proceeded to the cool rushing stream.

Adam was more than happy to play in the water...

I on the other hand, was just glad I found a rock to lie on...

which after a while, I got roasted...

and Adam came to the rescue with an umbrella :D

Besides the river, there was also a landscaped garden which we spent some time feeding the koi fish...

fooling around...

and taking pictures...

The homemade breakfast served was Asian style.

We took more pictures before heading off to the Elephant Sanctuary and Deerland...

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Food: Restaurant Kong Mah, Sungai Buloh

Another weekend morning and I was craving for Dim Sum. So we headed to Restaurant Kong Mah in Sungai Buloh for brunch. The thought of having a variety of food in small portions on a lazy weekend morning ... or afternoon appealed to me.

The road to this restaurant was a slightly challenging one though. There were many factory buildings nearby, the roads were tight, many motorcyclists, and there was a morning market opposite the restaurant when we arrived.

As usual, the place was crowded. We managed to get ourselves a table and ordered our tea. "Heung pin" was Adam's choice as he liked the aroma of this tea.

The servers came with an assortment of dim sum on their trays and  we started picking the ones we liked.

Pardon my "dim sum" vocabulary. So, I am just going to add the pictures of all the different dim sum we ordered without naming them :p...

Overall, the quality of dim sum was just moderate. The size and portion of each dim sum dish was just enough for both of us. Nothing to shout about.

Location: 32, Jalan Public, Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh, Sungai Buloh, Petaling Jaya

Friday, 21 September 2012

Food: Weng Yin Seafood Restaurant, Port Dickson

We found Weng Yin Seafood Restaurant on our first trip to Port Dickson.

Recently, an air-conditioned section was added. So, it is great news for people like me who are Ailurophobic!!! I could enjoy my meal in the closed air-conditioned area away from cats...

Non-Halal food with reasonable price can be found here. I will just share a few dishes I have tasted.

The seafood served were quite fresh and the best part was they actually have a menu :). For someone who cannot understand Chinese characters, it is difficult to dine in Chinese restaurants sometimes. Thankfully, the menu comes in bilingual - Chinese and English... So, we managed to order a few dishes...

Errm... I think this is called "bamboo la la" and it is really fresh, big and juicy...

Next, the Nestum prawns. I am personally not a big fan of prawns but this is really quite good. I like the crispy texture and the strong buttery smell.

Romaine lettuce with garlic is another favorite. Well, not the garlic but without the garlic, then it wouldn't have tasted so good...

Marmite Crab. I am a crab lover. So, any opinion about this will be a biased one. Any crab taste good to me :)

Besides that, there was a satay stall managed by a Malay lady. I've tasted the mutton and beef satay and they were not bad. The satay gravy was not very thick but with acceptable amount of peanuts.

We managed to leave the restaurant with our tummies filled to the brim and with smiles on our faces :)

Location: KM15.5(Batu 10), Jalan Pantai, 71051 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan (the restaurant is clearly visible from the main road)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

I Made: Wedding Stuffs

Besides the fabric wedding bouquetgroom's brooch and elephant collection I made for the kids on my registration of marriage, I added my personal touch to some other things as well.

I made my own pearl bracelet to match my white Qipao...

I glued, "I DO" to the soles of my heels...

I also made a "Just Married" banner out of papers and ribbons which we hung at the rear windscreen of the car...


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I Made: Elephant Corsage, Bow-tie, Brooch for Kids

I wanted to make my nieces and nephews more excited about my registration of marriage. So, I came up with an idea to make something fun for them to put on. As the color theme would be grey and white, I made elephant bow-tie for my only nephew, elephant brooches and corsages for the nieces.

These are all the "elephants" I made :)

For the boy...

For the girls...

On the actual day... :)