Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Travel: An artsy side of Penang

Recently, our beloved Penang state has become the center of many's attention. Most are drawn to the street arts by Ernest Zacharevic, a project funded by George Town Festival. These series of interactive murals have become a strong catalyst in transforming our Penang streets into a more vibrant place. It gives people another reason to visit Penang besides the food! We can now see more local tourists out on the streets than just Gurney drive :)

As Penangites, hubby and I too decided to discover the beauty of the wall paintings and beyond on one of our trip home.

Let's start with the street arts by Ernest Zacharevic at Ah Quee Street, Georgetown. This was our favorite picture of the day :)

Another one of Adam, parents, and the boy on the motorbike... :)

Next to it, is the mural of a boy pulling a dinosaur.. Dad watched over the boy while Adam feed the dino with oranges... :p

We spotted a sad-looking dino at the other end and I had to "kiss" the poor thing. I think this was not painted by Ernest Zacharevic... but it's still cute :)...

Just as I turned the corner, I spotted another mural. Not sure who painted it though...

Couldn't resist taking a picture with this ancient-looking yet well-maintained Volvo parked by the road side... :p

We then proceeded to Cannon Street in search of another one of Ernest Zacharevic's work of art. Adam checked out the hole on the wall the little kid was trying to reach.

Me and the famous wall at Armenian Street.

This other painting on Armenian Street was actually the first painting I spotted back in July 2011 and thought it was amazing :) Comparing the pictures I took then and now, I can totally see the effects of our Malaysian weather on it.

Besides the interesting wall paintings, we also took pictures of anything and everything that got our attention. Here is a picture of Adam resting next to a window...

The entrance of Peranakan Mansion.

I spent some time in the decorative telephone booth at the Peranakan Mansion making phone call with my mobile phone.

The car and the wall worked so well together in making this a beautiful picture :)

Bicycle lane...

Even the bicycle shops are becoming more creative in their shop decoration.

Acheen Street Mosque in view...

Bottles by the road side...

A grocery store...

A souvenir shop...

Stapled wall...

Letter box.

I just have to share this notice we saw! It took us a while to work out the intended words which were spelled wrongly.
Vegetalian = Vegetarian
LAboar Workers = Labour Workers...
erm... though the last two words are not meant to be put together like this... :p

Lastly, a picture of Komtar, an icon of Penang.

I guess beauty is everywhere. We just have to open our eyes and see :)
Have a beautiful day.

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