Monday, 1 October 2012

Travel: Elephant Sanctuary, Kuala Gandah

Woohoo... I am happy to announce that I have ridden on a pygmy elephant before :p...

After our night stay at Janda Baik, we decided to visit some elephants :) It was about an hour's drive from Janda Baik to Kuala Gandah. We arrived at around 10am and managed to get badges for rides and bath with the elephants. There are two types of badges, blue for elephant rides and yellow for elephant rides and bath. The amount of badges given out daily is limited. If I am not mistaken, the number for yellow badge is 120 per day. So, be there earlier to get your badges if you want to participate in the activities. No fee is required but donation is always welcomed.

We visited the Deerland located nearby after getting our badges as the activities only start at 2pm. We returned about 1.30pm and walked around the elephant sanctuary.

We were allowed to pet and feed the elephants. I wasn't too excited about it as I was afraid. So, I ended up throwing peanuts at the elephant's trunk :p... I bet most of the people there thought I was hopeless...

As we walked around, we saw a group of kids on the opposite side of the river throwing a free show. Many gathered to watch :)

At about 2pm, the show started!!! A brief description of all the elephants' names, ages, and how they end up in this elephant sanctuary were given. Fruits were passed to the crowds so we could all partake in the feeding session.

I watched on as the elephants marched to the podiums for elephant riding... well, actually worrying inside in case the elephant trample on me!!! :p...

After the rides, it was finally bathing time!!!... Adam was all excited...

I held on to the camera and all of his valuables and off he went into the river :)

Splish splash!!! It was a fun day!!!

Location: Kuala Gandah, Lanchang, 28500 Pahang, Malaysia

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