Thursday, 11 October 2012

Picture Perfect 2: Avillion Port Dickson

As mentioned before, Adam and I joined the Picture Perfect 2 contest by Avillion Resort Port Dickson and we were actually fortunate enough to win it!!!
photo taken by Mphotoo

photo taken by Mphotoo

Immediately after the announcement as winners of the contest, I received an email from Miss Cindy from Nupts & Such explaining the steps I need to go through in order to make the photo session happen from 10th - 11th Sept 2012. At that point of time, I was still in the state of disbelief...

An appointment was then made with That Special Occasion on the next day itself for me to choose an off-the-rack wedding gown suited to my taste. I picked the gown of my choice and it was later fitted to my body perfectly. I am pleased to find out that the gowns are designed by our Malaysian designer Kris Wong and are locally made.

photo taken by Mphotoo

A simple email from the photographer Calvin, Mphotoo with the main advice, to get enough rest and make sure we have fun during the photography session was a relief. Further assurance was given when he confirmed we were in the good hands of Cindy who had carefully made all the necessary arrangements.

After our registration of marriage, we actually came back to Petaling Jaya on the same day to make it for our  photo shoot on the 10th. Although the weather did not seem to be on our side initially, the sky cleared after my 3 hour make-up session with Cindy. What's better than a natural-looking make-up and hair-do? :)
photo taken by Mphotoo

The two preserved flower bouquets lent by Ohara Florist were beautiful. A red bouquet and another blue one. I nearly did not want to part with them... :p
photo taken by Mphotoo

Here is a picture of the team on set. Calvin is the photographer and his assistant, Kenny. Cindy, the planner and the painter of my face. Adam, the hubby and myself... :)
photo taken by Mphotoo
from left: Kenny, Cindy, Chelsea, Adam, Calvin

Kris informed us that a simple write-up entitled A Seaside Locale featuring our photos taken at Avillion Port Dickson can be found at Weddings Malaysia's website. Thanks, Kris... :)

Now that we have had the experience and gotten our photos, we would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to the team who made it all possible. So, tadaa!!!....

Dear Picture Perfect 2 Team, 
Adam and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to the whole team that made this possible. 
Thanks Avillion for the many lovely memories you made possible for us. Avillion Port Dickson was the first place we went to for a holiday after we got engaged and also the first holiday destination after our registration of marriage. We hope to have many more memories in this beautiful resort in times to come. 
Cindy, thank you for all the detailed arrangements, the lovely make-up and hairdo. What more can I say? I absolutely love and appreciate everything you did :) 
Calvin, thanks for being patient with us, your "amatuer models", throughout the photo shoot and thanks for the sacrifices you made,(i.e.: sand fly bites, stepping into water, lying on the floor, etc.) in order to get those lovely shots with clear objectives in your mind, to make your clients happy :). You the man! :D 
Kris, thanks for the simple yet elegant wedding gown. I felt comfortable and beautiful in it. Although many of the off-the-rack gowns were too short for me, Aunty Linda had been kind enough to go through all the gowns to find one that is long enough for me... Hahahaha... 
Bryan, thank you for not just one, but two bouquets of preserved flowers. They are really beautiful and I wish you success in introducing this new Japanese technology into Malaysia. By the way, both Adam and I are from Penang :) 
Thank you so much for making us winners of the contest. 
Best Regards, 
Chelsea Teh  - The Proud Winner of Picture Perfect 2 Contest
Our Picture Perfect 2 Contest Entry

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