Monday, 17 September 2012

Food: Foong Wei Heong Restaurant, Penang

Follow up from my previous post on our registration of marriage, we proceeded to Foong Wei Heong Restaurant for lunch.

As it was a celebratory meal, we were pleased that they managed to put a partition for us, separating our two round tables from the other customers.

Besides that, we were also provided with a small square table where we could gather the kids to cut the cake together. Of course blowing the candle is a must for the little ones :)

As we were all hungry and busy eating, we did not manage to get any picture of the food we ordered until when it was too late :p.

If I did not remember wrongly, here is the list of food we ordered.
1. Curry Fish Head and Prawns
2. Sambal Bamboo Shoot
3. Two Style Chicken
4. Spinach with Century Egg (soup style)
5. Claypot Tofu
6. Fried Spring Rolls
7. Soya Bean with Ginkgo
8. A cake we ordered from Bread History

The price was reasonable and the food quality was good. Upon leaving, we saw a big group of tourists flocking into the restaurant.

Location: 23&25, Jalan Sri Bahari, 10050 Penang, Malaysia

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