Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Proposal

Recently, I planned a birthday party for the love of my life on a family trip in Sydney. Well, my mom and sisters did most of the food preparation for the picnic :p... I basically just made sure I was present... hehehe...

It was a bright sunny Saturday morning at Newington Park.

When everyone arrived, we sang birthday song and cut the cake.

Suddenly, Adam asked me to take a seat and opened the big red box which I thought was a birthday gift for him from a friend who flew in from Brisbane. To my surprise, the box was filled with my favorite calla lilies :)...

Still in the state of shock, I remembered he pulled out a ring and gave a speech. It was all a blur. All I could hear was him mentioning I am the perfect one for him... then he went on to get my parents' permissions for my hand in marriage before popping the question to me. I think I said yes... or perhaps I just nodded... :p

He then put the ring on my ring finger...

 and the next thing I know... we were ENGAGED!!! :)

Oh... I have to say this... I really love the BIG RED BOX!!!! Thanks, Lex for bringing it!!!

The day was completed with a lovely dinner at Porteno.

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